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Great service and people that work to get you well. I’ve had great success toward mending my injuries. Thank you ladies! They are great at changing treatment to meet the issue of the day, not a generic response to the injury. Awesome!

Joann F.
From Google

As per my on-going treatment @ Movpent Plus Physical therapy I am so glad and grateful for the outstanding and amazing service that the therapist are doing to me so that I can feel better. They have new machines and instruments and the place is clean. I can feel the spirit of Aloha because of their warm welcome and respect to their clients and patients as well. Thanks for going above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommended.

Roger D.
From Google

When I first came here, I didn’t know what was wrong. I talked to the doctor and she explained to me what she was going to do. After my first visit, it was good. Second visit, I got even better. And I am still here because you can’t find any physical therapist here that is so good. And I recommend everyone to go and her. Aloha.

Marjorie R
From Google